Heavy Rain Sound Studio is a small affordable project studio where my main focus is to produce album quality recordings. You get everything in one place from recording, mixing to mastering and I can also help if you need a song or a beat written for you. You can also hire artists as the studio is home for a network of musicians.



Recording simply:

      • goes by the hour
      • there’s no minimum hours to book in
      • and no silly 4 and 8 hour sessions as -according to musicians- sessions limit the artists….and I don’t want that. 

PRODUCTION (£30-£95 per song)

Production on the other hand is flat rate and price depends on how big your project is. So as soon as you’re finished recording, you don’t have to worry about “clock-watching” anymore. This way it’s a promise that you’ll sound good, no matter how much time I spend on your project. I have a set limit for quality and each project leaving the studio has to hit that bar.


I provide free revision sessions to ensure full satisfaction. One after mixing to do final adjustments together. A 2nd after mastering to make sure the final sound is how you always wanted it.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Andris Kiss
Record Producer

Check out my instagram and facebook where I keep posting photos and videos of artists I work with.

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Address: Castle Mills Business Park, LA9 7DE, Kendal

Tel.: 07904109011 If I’m busy, I’m unable to take calls, but I’ll defo call you back as soon as I’m free 😉 You can also drop me an email and tell me everything about yourself.

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