Hi my name is Andris Kiss and I’d like to welcome you to Heavy Rain Sound Studio! 

“…HRSS is a music production business and not a recording studio. Let me explain. Yes I record as well, but I also use different production methods to lift your project to the next level making it stand out when compared to everyday recordings. Doing a recording is quick and easy. Production is the real job.

I work hybrid. I love digital production but use analog to give taste to your recordings.

As a music producer I chose a different way to function. I work from two locations. I built up a production room in my home and I do recordings in a 25 square meter live room in Old Hutton. I never wanted to own a huge facility. Why? Is that good? Yes. I’m able to offer better prices this way as you don’t have to pay for extra expenses I’d have if I owned a huge facility. I also chose to work this way as I spend more time producing than recording…”


“…So you’ve written some amazing songs? Maybe you feel like they could sound a bit better. You’ve worked hard to take your songs to the next level and you’d like to find someone who can take them to that spot. All my past clients were in your shoes. Let me partner with you to get your tracks to the full potential. At the “References” menu you can find some examples of clients I worked together with in the past. Feel free to have a listen how we have gone from a good song to something great and see what I was able to do for them…”