Payment | Process

Payment / Process

  1. Booking in

  2. Working Together / Recording

  3. Editing & Track Enhancement

  4. Mixing

  5. Mastering

  6. Final Payment

  7. Files


Booking In:

When you contact me I’ll pencil you in for the requested date. To fully book in I only ask for a 20% deposit. Good news! As soon as that’s done you’re safe and we can start working together. 

Working Together / Recording:

Are you a solo artist like a rapper for example? This is the day we can design your basic backing track and lay down your vocals. Or maybe you’re a solo acoustic musician? We’ll record everything we need for your song(s). Or a band? We’ll track everyone!

I usually ask a lot of question to find out the sound in your head. Depending on the type of artist you are, I have several production and recording techniques to get you the sound you’re looking for. Here comes the best part: When we’re finished recording, your job is done! 😉


Editing & Track Enhancement:

Editing gives you a tight sound. I don’t like to overdo it as it eliminates the human elements. But who knows. Feel free to let me know if you’re looking for a perfect machine like sound. 

Maybe you wished for an “in your face” shotgun snare sound and a punchy kick, but maybe you wanted a soft and smooth sounding one. With track enhancement I mainly use analog gear to bring out the best sound of each track we recorded and make it sound the way you wanted it.

It is also the time I’ll do sound design if your project needs it. For example a beat for a rapper or adding effects in.



I have one policy when it comes to mixing: You always have to be able to hear everything. Each hit, pluck, word…etc. Mixing creates separation and also a nice sounding stereo for your project. My mixes are always a second experience through headphones as it has depth and a 3D feel.

Once I’m done with mixing, I’ll invite you back to have a listen together / revise your project and fine-tune it to your likings. When we’re both happy, I’ll master your project.


Gives your project a final polish to make things sound bigger, better , richer and reach industry standard loudness for physical and online releases where low end, mids and highs are all sounding balanced and pleasant for the ear.

Final Payment:

Normally you’d pay the 80% left after mastering, but you’re free to make any payments through out the process. You’ll only receive your project once I received the full amount for your project. Once that’s done you’ll receive 4 files. 


2 for physical and 2 for online releases.

Online: -13 LUFS, 16 bit 44.1 kHz wav and same but 320 kbps mp3 as that’s usually the standard for online.

Physical: -5 to -8 LUFS 16, 24, 33 bit 44.1 kHz wav and same but 320 kbps mp3.

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