Based on my experience, musicians don’t really care how much time they need to spend on a song. All musicians care about is the quality and sound of the final audio. I think the same way. I don’t care how much time we spend on projects. I care how it sounds when finished.


The better you sound, the more new people get in touch with me to sound like you. This is why I created a price line which is not cheap, not expensive but fair. 


No clock watching, no time limits, no pressure! Freedom of time and full music production (rec, edit, mix, master). Production is best of both worlds, both digital and analog. (Distressor el8x, SSL…etc). Final mastered audio: 44.1 kHz 16 or 24 bits wav and 320 kbps mp3. The resulting quality and loudness is industry standard -6 to -9 LUFS.

I truly believe that no one is giving this full service and quality I provide in this area. I’m not the “one day record and here’s your quick mix” producer. I treat your tracks as if it was mine and each price reflects a promise for your dream sound, not time spent together.

Here’s what’s included in my prices:

-recording all instruments
-editing all tracks to give you a tight sound
-track enhancement to bring out the best sound of each track
-mixing to get separation and a good sounding stereo sound
-mastering: A final polish to make your song(s) sound bigger, better and louder.


Included for free:

-years of experience in production
-my good attitude and effort put into your song(s)
-lots of fun, smile and a great time creating good memories
-a “wow is this really me” face when your recording is finished 🙂

Here are a few examples for current song prices with full music production in average:

Recording – £10 / musician or role
Editing & Track Enhancement – £10 / musician or role
Mixing – £10 / musician or role
Mastering – £35 / song

But these are just examples. For an accurate quote please fill in the form, where you can give more information about yourself by clicking here



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