I do things differently than the “usual habits” and I’m trying to offer something that’s a good value . To understand how great it is what I offer, you need to first understand how it works usually with studios.


Basically when you go to studios you’ll pay for time spent there. Usually you’ll pay by the hour or day and there’s always a minimum 4 hours per day you need to book in. Prices are £25-£30 per hour, £250-£350 a day.

Services you’ll get:
As the name suggests recording studios record. You might also get a basic mixing. When you’re done you’ll have a raw material which you then have to take to a mastering engineer to make it nice and loud, basically commercial ready sounding.


Pricing & services:
I think musicians don’t really care how much time they need to spend on a song. All musicians care about is the quality and sound of the final audio. I think the same way. I don’t care how much time we spend on projects. I care how it sounds when finished. Why? The better you sound, the more new people will get in touch with me.  So instead of paying for time spent in the studio, you’ll pay price per song with all my services included. Think about it as an all in one package where you get everything and there’s no clock-watching. All you need to do is give some basic information about your project so I can create your quote. This way I’ll know how many tracks I need to work with, also how much time it takes in average to get from a single recorded track to a mastered audio.


What’s the Heavy Rain deal?

No clock watching, no time limits, no pressure! Freedom of time and music production.


Instead of paying for studio time, with Heavy Rain you pay one price per song with all services included.

What’s included?

-Track Enhancement
-Sound Design



Would you:

a) Go to a restaurant and pay each minute your steak is grilled, then pay extra money for sides or any time spent on your meal to make it taste even better?

b) Pay a price for a big meal and get a tasty quality steak with everything included?

What’s the formula?

Relaxed friendly atmosphere+great gear+knowledge+attitude and care put into your songs = ​Your quality dream sound!


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