Solo Artists With Backing Tracks


Production package for artists with stereo backing tracks

1 day package: £180
Half day recording / up to 4 hours in studio + producing all we recorded

2 days package: £280
Full day recording / up to 8 hours in studio + producing all we recorded

Packages include:

  • number of songs not limited / unlimited vocal recording
  • editing
  • track enhancement*
  • mixing*
  • mastering*

* Best of both worlds for production: I use both real analogue gear and digital. (1176, Distressor EL8X, SSL BUS, tube warmth, tape saturation…etc.) I wouldn’t just “chuck in” a quick plugin to save time for track enhancement. I go through your tracks one by one to bring out the best of each. Your vocal will be always prominent and up front.  I have it all what plugins can’t do.  😉